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People are becoming immune to ads, so the best way to win attention and increase organic growth is by engaging with potential customers and followers.

We engage with real users who want to follow you because they like your content and your product!

We create an engaging social media profile, that is a visual representation of your brand and help you get discovered by your new customers and fans.



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Instagram is the most powerful visual expression of your company. After reviewing your account, we will consult you on:

  • Tailored style guide for overall look

  • Strategic hashtags that bring more visibility to your posts

  • Examples of suitable captures

Together with monthly follow-up on progress, adjustments of strategy, and new trends.


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We manage your profile

Staying on top of your account can be overwhelming and time consuming. We provide full account management which includes:

  • Curating the over all look and mood of the profile

  • Creating and sourcing content

  • Drafting content calendar

  • Daily posting

  • Relevant captions and hashtags

  • Engaging with followers

Content creation

The amount of new customers falling in love with your brand is related to the quality of your content.

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” - Lee Odden

Whether you don't have the time or the skills, let the experts create the most powerful content to create a visual brand identity. We direct and produce content for you.


los ángeles content creation social media growth takeoff
los ángeles content creation social media growth takeoff

How we boost your growth

If you already have a great Instagram profile, but don’t get the attention you deserve, then we have the solution for you.

Interacting with other users is very time consuming. We do this on behalf of your brand on scale, so you can focus on your business while your Instagram is growing.

We take the time to get to know your brand. Based on selected hashtags and accounts, our marketers interact with users who are likely interested in your content. Users will notice you and decide if they want to follow you.



Choose from our affordable and effective service packages.

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We develop a detailed strategy and continuously track your results, knowing what is and isn’t yielding results for your profile.
— Linda
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Instagram gallery management
• Create a visual brand identity

• Curate content calendar –monthly planning of posts and captions

• Use of provided content and sourced photos o Use of relevant and strategic hashtags to increase visibility

• 10-15 posts a month

• Optimized engagement and following growth – providing more visibility and discoverability by engaging with potential customers

• Sharing on all other Social Media platforms

• Monthly reports and analytics


Service includes our SIMPLE plan and: 

• Content creation- professional photography with art direction

20-25 posts a month

Stories management:
• Create 8-10 original stories, focusing on product, highlights, accomplishments, PR news, promotions 














Service includes our PLUS plan and:

Influencer Strategy:
• Source bloggers / influencers relevant to client’s industry to collaborate

• 1-4 sponsored posts a month



tailored service available  upon request

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TakeOff is a Los Angeles based social media agency. Our team of experts boast 9 years of experience and has supported company with innovative strategies all over the world.


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