What Is The Deal With Hashtags?

Don’t know how to use hashtags to maximize your visibility?

Hashtags can help you position your post and open up new possibilities to win more followers and reach for your account.

study by Simply Measured indicated that posts using at least one hashtag had 12.6% more engagement than those with no hashtags at all. 

And since your goal is to achieve the greatest engagement with your posts, we created the ultimate guide for using Instagram hashtags. 

When you use at least one hashtag on an Instagram post, you are making it possible for new users to discover your content. As you can imagine, using more than one hashtag gives you even more reach and exposure. Here’s how:

Instagram’s algorithm considers the hashtags on your posts to show them up first on the Instagram hashtag search, Instagram’s Explore tab or on your follower’s main Instagram feed.

Influencers and brands use hashtags to win more likes, comments, and new followers.

Also, if you represent a brand you can create a specific branded hashtag for your users to participate in other advanced dynamics such as: 

  • Live Events

  • Contests

  • Crowdsourcing Strategies

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the do’s & don’ts


Don’t use irrelevant hashtags, even if they’re popular.

Avoid using generic and desperate hashtags like: #follow4follow #like4like #igers #instagrammers #tagsforlikes

Don’t use more than 30 hashtags in your Instagram post it will not be visible to others.


Keep an eye on your competition:

We’ve mentioned this in other entries. It’s crucial to know your target audience but it’s equally important to know the competitors.

Beware of Banned Hashtags: Instagram completely eliminates these hashtags from the search engine. If you search for these terms you won’t see any results. Google latest lists to make sure you stay on top of it.

Use trending hashtags to stay relevant.

Product / Industry / Service and other General hashtags- This is great for categorizing your post. #restaurantbiz

Niche hashtags - This type of hashtag for Instagram is similar to the industry hashtag but a little more detailed. #paleodiet

Community-related Hashtags - With the hashtag tool, Instagram users can be part of specific groups in which they can share their likes and passions. #paleofoodlover

The location hashtags - As the same name says, these hashtags are nothing but the names of the places where the picture or video was taken. #losangeles #northhollywood

The branded hashtag - The branded hashtags are those created by a company, brand, media, etc. Usually made to promote a particular campaign or slogan. #gopaleoqueen