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About Us

Founders Lana Modylevskaya and Luca Capula established the first U.S branch of the European agency, TakeOff Agency in 2016 to help brands navigate an ever-changing digital landscape. Our full-service digital marketing team consists of creatives, photographers, ad experts, graphic designers, and more. Working with us guarantees individual attention to ensure the overall vision meets your standards and ours. Our mission is to help tell a powerful brand story with passion and purpose. We specialize in marketing strategy and consulting, content creation, campaign planning and production, and influencer marketing. We pride ourselves in our scope of knowledge and experience in the beauty, fashion, real estate, and food & beverage industries.


Luca Capula

Luca is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TakeOff. He is responsible for setting the company’s strategic roadmap and managing the tech aspect of the business. Under his leadership, TakeOff has created a leading social media growth solution that has been the secret sauce to growing the accounts successfully.

Prior to founding TakeOff, Luca held a CEO position at ALYT and a variety of senior management positions at GPS Standard, a leading European security firm focused on integrated technology solutions for military and industrial customers. While at GPS, Luca led the company’s first home automation project, which helped shift the home security industry with an innovative “open protocol” system that could integrate with existing user devices.


Lana Modylevskaya

Lana is a co-founder of TakeOff Agency. She handles all the strategic planning and content creation & curation. She holds a degree in International Business and Marketing, B.B.A. She has a strong background in Marketing. She started her career in Media Planning managing clients like Equinox, Blink, Essie, etc to improve their ROI for national ad campaigns. She acquired her know-how from her work at an ad tech company named Appnexus, which specializes in optimizing digital advertising for ad networks through their platform and is valued at a whopping 2 billion $!

Lana has a great eye for detail and has refined her aesthetics from her work as a store planner & merchandiser for the BCBG brand. Under her management as an International Director of Sales for Hale Bob and Dutch LLC (Equipment/ Current Elliot/Joie), all international accounts & key international retailers like; Harvey Nichols & Bloomingdales and international distributors and all major trade shows achieved top sales results.  Lana successfully maximized account and brand profitability. From founding her own fair trade brand, Lana worked on all aspects of branding and building her e-comm business through social media.


I had the pleasure of working with TakeOff Agency and was completely amazed at their creative process and the results. They took over complete management of our social channels and went above and beyond what my expectations were.

/  maggie cohen, owner of serafina sunset  /